Focus on the “Whole Child” with MTSS

June 27, 2023

Episode 277

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Dr. Gregory Leskin and Sue Lopez highlight the MCEC Global Training Summit Mental Health and Well-being Pre-Summit sessions on Multi-Tiered Systems of Support and how this school-based, integrated model supports the development of the “whole child” academically, socially, and emotionally.


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Show Notes:

MCEC Global Training Summit Pre-Summit Professional Development

Don’t miss our two pre-summit sessions focusing on Mental Health and Well-being, Monday, July 24, 2023: Promoting Positive Behavioral Health and Social-Emotional Growth in Military-Connected Students and Supporting the Well-Being of Military-Connected Youth: Identify, Prevent, and Intervene to Address Behavioral Health Risk.



Dr. Gregory Leskin is licensed clinical psychologist and serves as Director, NCTSN Military and Veteran Families and Children Program and the Academy on Child Traumatic Stress at the UCLA/Duke University’s National Center for Child Traumatic Stress. Dr. Leskin directs the NCTSN/DoD Academy on Child Trauma, an online training and social media platform developed to train DoD Family Advocacy Program staff clinical skills related to child trauma and behavioral health prevention for military families and children. Previously, Dr. Leskin has worked as a Clinical Researcher and Director of Clinical Training at the National Center for PTSD, Stanford University and the VA Palo Alto Health Care System. He completed a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) post-doctoral fellowship at the National Center for PTSD at the Boston VA Medical Center. Dr. Leskin has written, consulted, and lectured on a number of clinical topics, including risk factors facing military-connected children, combat-related PTSD, impact of deployment on families and children, and promoting psychological resilience and well-being. He is the primary developer for the MiTi Kids program bringing together Military Informed and Trauma informed Principles for organizations to serve the needs of military and Veteran Families.


Sue Lopez is an Active-Duty military spouse (25+), parent of two adult children, and a licensed school counselor who takes pride in being a resource for military-connected students and families in transition. Families rely on Sue for her compassion, knowledge, and empathy as she has personally experienced 14 PCS relocations, 6 deployments, and one unaccompanied tour to the Republic of Korea.   

She holds a Master of Science in School Counseling. Her professional license and 24+ years of educational experience has yielded a unique set of skills and knowledge regarding state and national policies that impact military-connected students during times of transition to include academic transcript evaluation, enrollment, and graduation as well as social-emotional supports. Sue used her school counseling field experience as a Military Student Transition Consultant to inform and establish the MCEC Military Student Consultant role.  As and MSTC, Sue provided one-on-one and small group transition counseling services to military-connected students and their families at seven middle and high schools. Additionally, she provided district-wide professional development and enhanced community relationships with instillation command teams, community stakeholders, as well as local school administrators and district faculty members.

Currently as an MCEC Instructional Designer, Sue continues advocate for military- connected students and families, seeking professional collaboration and consultation, serve as a subject matter expert on curriculum development, design analysis, and evaluation for MCEC professional development. Sue has also served as a project manager for projects with local school districts, Lockheed Martin, Texas Education Agency, BAE Systems, and the USAA foundation.


MTSS (School Counselors for MTSS)


Peg Donohue, PPT with images and resources Tier 1, 2, 3 Overview (Slide 13, School Counselor Competencies 27-31)


Tier 1: Universal Screening Resources



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