Grown Up: One Military Child’s Journey

April 24, 2024

Episode 317

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Military kids will experience on average 6-9 school transitions from kindergarten to high school graduation. They live a unique lifestyle filled with many adventures. Listen as Cory, a military child all grown up, shares his story and the impact growing up in a military community has had on his life. 

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Audio mixing by Concentus Media, Inc., Temple, Texas. 

Show Notes: 


Cory Petko is a 24-year-old Senior Security Analyst with a dedication to keeping systems safe and promoting security awareness. As the son of a retired Navy Senior Chief, he deeply understands the unique challenges of a military child and has a strong appreciation for our service members. He currently works at a defense contractor, working to protect their systems and digital assets, and plays a vital part in supporting the company's mission to supply critical equipment to our men and women in uniform. 

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