It’s ok to not be ok….. but suicide is never ok. There is help, healing, and hope for a brighter future!

September 9, 2021

Episode 187

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Amy Newsom will be sharing her family story of suicide and through the devastation of this event, how they have been given opportunities to have a meaningful impact on others.

Show Notes:

Honor Walk for Donor Family: Lifebanc » The Honor Walk

Military OneSource: Suicide Awareness & Crisis Resources for the Military | Military OneSource

Barry Robinson: Behavioral Health Services for Children & Teens - Barry Robinson Center

Stephen Cohen: Cohen Veterans Network | Veteran and Military Family Mental Health Care

Jason Foundation:

This podcast has been made possible thanks to the  generous support provided by the Davis-Monthan Spouses' Club and the Mountain Home Officers' Spouses' Club

For the past 25 years, Amy Newsom has served and supported her husband, her seven children, and her military community. As a military spouse, she has completed seventeen Army moves, homeschooled her children for seventeen years, faced multiple combat and training deployments, and pursued her nursing career on a part-time basis. She has volunteered and served in international missions as well as in each community she has lived in and has served as the Family Readiness Group leader at the company and battalion level. She has also filled leadership roles in PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel), Mom’s Night Out Homeschool Support Groups across the military homeschool community, and she currently leads a Foster Adoptive Mom’s Group to support parents of foster and adopted children. Amy loves to travel, hike, spend time with her family and is currently pursuing a graduate degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Norwich University.

On September 11, 2019, Amy and her husband, Joel, tragically lost their 13-year-old son, Joshua, to suicide. Since this tragic event, Amy has discovered a passion to bring awareness, education, and practical tips to help end the silent epidemic of suicide that is occurring in our society. Amy has found healing through sharing their family’s story and hopes to see GOOD come from this tragic event by supporting and encouraging other families, parents, leaders, and young people to open up and talk about the hard subject of suicide and mental health. Amy hopes that sharing the story of Joshua’s untimely death and the painful journey his family has endured in grieving his loss might help prevent this tragedy from happening to even one more person.

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