Lead4Change: Leadership +Service= Measurable Change

September 2, 2021

Episode 186

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The Lift a Life Novak Family Foundation's mission is to help those in need achieve their full potential. Learn about their leadership initiative, Lead4Change, for adolescents/teens.


This podcast has been made possible thanks to the generous support from Yuma Officers' Spouse Club. https://www.mscyuma.org/



Show Notes: 

Research Study Link - Executive Summary:  https://www.lead4change.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Lead4Change-Research-Executive-Summary-2019-1.pdf 


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Website: www.lead4change.org



Lift a Life Novak Family Foundation

The Lift a Life Foundation was established in 1999 by David and Wendy Novak. The mission of the Lift a Life Foundation is to lead the way with innovative programs that help people in need and develop future leaders. The Foundation focuses on creative partnerships that make a lasting impact in the pr


Leadership Podcast - How Leaders Lead with David Novak


Leadership Podcast - How Leaders Lead with David Novak

David has been asking leadership questions and learning from some of the most talented people on the planet for decades. Which is a big reason he became one of the Top 30 CEO’s in the world according to Barron’s Magazine.





Debby Dodge: Lead4Change Grant Manager; Lift a Life Novak Family Foundation

Debby joined the Lift a Life Novak Family Foundation as the Lead4Change Grant Manager after retiring from USA TODAY as Senior Director of Education. Debby’s responsibilities include overseeing the Lead4Change Grant contribution, establish, build and develop strategic partnerships, facilitate teacher training and outreach and manage the Lead4Change Educator Advisory Board.

With a passion for education, Debby loves the work she does to shape the leaders of tomorrow through the Lead4Change Student Leadership Program. “We have seen first hand how Lead4Change brings about an amazing transformation in students and the communities they serve.” Lead4Change empowers students to act, to serve and to make big things happen locally or globally. Lead4Change is privately funded and free to all middle and high schools in the US.


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