Caregiving Youth Student Leadership Program

A 5-day Leadership Training at the University of Texas, San Antonio

When and how will students know if they are selected?

Each student will be notified by email and text message if they are selected for an interview. After the interview and selection process is complete, all students who were not selected for the program will also be notified. 

If I am selected, will my parent be able to travel and attend the event with me?

As a leadership program, having the student attend on their own is part of the experience and growth opportunity.

Who attends the CYSLP with the students?

Two MCEC team members attend with the students. MCEC staff members are required to complete background checks. 

If selected, what happens when I arrive in San Antonio?

Each student is met by an MCEC staff member at the airport as soon as they depart the secured terminal area. Students are then taken to get their luggage and remain with the group until all students arrive and the group departs for the University of Texas, San Antonio.

Do students have to share a room?

Yes. Each student will room with another student of the same gender. Students are not allowed to go into rooms that they are not assigned to. Students may gather in the common areas only. 

Are students allowed to have visitors or leave the premises after daily events?

Students will never be allowed to leave the group unaccompanied. Students must remain with the group and MCEC staff for the entirety of the event. Students are not allowed to have visitors during the event. This is for the safety and well-being of all students attending the event. 

What does a typical day look like?

Each day we will visit the University of Texas, San Antonio and participate in leadership classes, team building activities, tours and guest speaker sessions. Evening events will be led by MCEC staff and provide opportunities to build and strengthen leadership skills. 

Are we required to attend all 5 days?

Students must commit to attend the entire event, arriving Friday, April 5, and departing Tuesday, April 9. Only students who can commit to the entire event should apply.

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