Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program

What is Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program? Outstanding students from MCEC Student 2 Student Program learn leadership skills to take back and teach their fellow S2S members to improve and sustain their local S2S program.

Who is Frances Hesselbein?

Frances Hesselbein (November 1, 1915 – December 11, 2022) was a trailblazer, author, editor, and gifted leader. She was the president and CEO of the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute. Prior to founding the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute, she served as the CEO for the Girl Scouts of the USA. Between 1965 and 1976, she rose from volunteer troop leader to CEO and held the position of CEO for fourteen years (1976-1990). She is credited with leading a turnaround for the Girl Scouts, increasing their minority membership and establishing the Daisy Scout program for the youngest girls accepted into the Girl Scouts. In 1998, Hesselbein was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work with the Girl Scouts of the USA, and was the recipient of 22 honorary degrees.

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