Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) are critical skills for youth. HotWheels® Speedometry® encourages inquiry and real-world, problem-based learning through hands-on activities. This free parent engagement opportunity encourages parent-child interaction while exploring STEM concepts, combining HotWheels fun, imagination, and action – as well as toys and track – to accelerate learning.

Speedometry is designed for families with students in grades 3 through 5, though modifications are available for younger children with parent/guardian involvement. Two hands-on challenges exploring STEM concepts like force and momentum are part of every event. A third experiment can be added if time permits.

  • Inspire children to develop an early interest in STEM
  • Explore STEM concepts through “science through inquiry” play
  • Provide hands-on investigation and engagement opportunities for all participants.

All materials are provided free of charge and each participant will take home a Hot Wheels® car, along with resources to extend the fun at home through family learning opportunities.  

For more details or to request an hour of fun and engaging Hot Wheels® Speedometry™ activities, contact your local Community Coordinator or a Military Student Consultant at msc@MilitaryChild.org.

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