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MCEC's Call for the Arts is Celebrating 20 years! 
In light of the theme CELEBRATION! we're proud to announce the

2022 Call for the Arts Winners


First Place
Second Place
Angelina F.
Middletown HS | Coast Guard (Reserves)
Teagan C.
29 Palms | USMC
Colton S.
Harper McCaughn | US Navy
Ashley W.
Homeschool | USAF
Trey B.
Rhode Island | Army National Guard
Kourtney G.
Dewar ES | USAF
Third Place
Artist Spotlight

Icyss J.B. T.
Harker Heights HS | US Army
Nicholas O.
Virginia Allred Stacey Jr. Sr. HS | USAF
Giuliana F.
Poland MS | USAF Veteran

Art Club 
Columbus HS
Addison R.
Queens Lake MS | US Army
Quinn L.
Wheatland ES | USAF

First Place Winner

Poem for Dad

He doesn't mean to make you frown
It's just time to pack up and move to another town
Just when you get used to things
He never means to make a sting
Don't bother unpacking that box
If you do, I give you props
Be careful if you get too comfortable
He doesn't mean to make you cry
He'll make it up, sing a lullaby
He'll send you flowers on your birthday
While mommy says he'll be home one day
For some, that day never comes
For me, I pray so I won't go numb

I get my poster, markers bright
While "wlcome home", he'll soon be in my sight
I march to the airport in my camo dress
As he comes off the plane there goes my stress
I can see right through him
Like he can see through me
Althoug he's happy
He's got PTSD
He hugs me tight and never lets go
I say "I love you, Daddy"
He replies "Oh how you've grown"
he hands me a bear with a message inside
I hug it and cry as time passesby
His voice echoes within as I hug its furry brown skin
He knew that I'd love this, he just had to within!
As I think back to what daddy told me,
(Honor, Respect, Devotion to duty")
I get scared when he's out at sea
"USCG" I chant all-day
I sway and rock all just for play

As time goes on I know it's coming soon
That dreaded phone call, "Pack your things, we're heading out this afternoon."
Daddy leaves in hurry, hugs me oh so tight
I know what he's doing, going out to just fight
I know he'll be back soon or so I thought
When that man came to my door I became distraught
He will not be forgotten, though gone too soon
There are no more tears, emotions become immune

As I lay in my bed Iturn to face the side
I get up and scream then it's time to decide
I go to my closet, the bottom shelf to be precise
There is it a little brown box what inside well that's a surprise
I rip it open with hopes that it's you
What do I see? There's no way that it could be true
Just the bear nothing else but had I forgetten
All I needed to do was push the little black button
I pushed his stomach and gulped hoping to remember
The sound of your voice I last heard in September
My head laid to rest, tears running down my face
I vowed to follow in your footsteps I wouldn't want to be a disgrace
I shut my eyes to get some sleep
I felt you tuck me in almost half asleep
"I love you, Daddy," I thought to myself
"I love you too baby girl" his soft voice mewled 

Angelina F.



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