MCEC® is proud to announce our 2021 Call for the Arts campaign. For 19 years, military-connected students in grades k-12 have submitted their artistic reflections of life as a military kid. CFA is open to all military-connected children and offers an opportunity to express their creative side through poetry, photos, and hand-drawn, colored artwork.

This year’s theme is: “The View from My Home.” Since military-connected children live in so many areas of the world, our hope is that their experiences will inspire them to show what life is life as an Army, Marine, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and or Coast Guard dependent.

We encourage artwork, photos, and poetry that reflects the family dynamic, local community, and the people and places that make your part of the world unique. 

Winners in the following categories (k-5, 6-8 and 9-12) will receive $100 Amazon gift card. We will recognize winners at our virtual National Training Seminar, highlighted on our MCEC social media platforms and included in our annual MCEC calendar for 2022.

Good luck to all of you, and thanks for submitting. Please click the link below for details on the submissions and the required entry form.

Download Submission Requirements and Entry/Release Form Here



Art teacher and military kid, Travis Ballantyne, shares his story and announces the 2020 CFA Winners
Check out the amazing winners of the 2020 Call for the Arts


We are especially aware of and sensitive to the enormous challenges confronting military kids and the disruptive impact COVID-19 is having on their lives. Our hope is the CFA can provide children a means of self-expression and reflection – a safe, creative outlet to process their emotions and make sense of their world.


Suggested Topics 

  • Coping During COVID-19
  • Cultures You’ve Experienced
  • Pride in Parents
  • Grief and Worry
  • Military Lifestyle
  • Your Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams
  • The Life Lessons You’ve Learned
  • Parents/Family
  • Teachers/School
  • Transitions/Changes


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