The Call for the Arts

The MCEC Call for the Arts program invites military-connected children from all over the world, representing every branch of service, to share interpretations through art of what it means to be a military-connected child.

Jack C., “Eagle”
Grade 5, Kailua, Hawaii
U.S. Air Force

Annabelle J., “Invisible Strings”
Grade 8, Madison, Alabama
U.S. Army

Charity D., “Cuddys”
Grade 11, Marrero, Louisiana
U.S. Navy

Aurora B. “Flowers”
Grade 5, New Brockton, Alabama
U.S. Army

Amaris C., “POV”
Grade 7, Vilseck, Germany
U.S. Army

Natalie P., “Freedom Flyers”
Grade 12, Pikeville, North Carolina
U.S. Air Force

Magnolia S., “Air Drop”
Grade 5, Sherwood, Arkansas
U.S. Air Force

Claire P., “See You Later!”
Grade 7, Albuquerque, New Mexico
U.S. Air Force

Genevieve F., “Lost”
Grade 12, Anaheim, California
U.S. Coast Guard

Lucia C., “When Father Goes Away” 
Grade 5, Killeen, Texas
U.S. Army

Tymur R., “Country at War”                        
Grade 7, Ankara, Turkey
Joint Forces

Kyler F., “Combat Boots”
Grade 9, Fort Campbell, Kentucky
U.S. Army

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2024 Winning Artwork:

Lucia C., Grade 5 • Texas • U.S. Army • Spotlight Winner, Elementary School

“In my animation I try to show and express what I feel as a military child when my father (who is in the Army) goes away. He isn’t at home a lot, so I wanted to express that.”

Kyler F., Grade 9 • Kentucky • U.S. Army • Spotlight Winner, High School

“If you ever go on base, you see and hear soldiers training. The sound of their combat boots hitting the ground wherever they are marching. I write this out of fear for my dad, whenever his is off fighting for us. I always hear those boots, whether it’s his or others.”

Claire P., Grade 7 • New Mexico • U.S. Air Force • Third Place, Middle School

Once again,
I should be used to it by now.
But I’m not.
It still hurts.
Every time,
It stings.
Wishing it would stop.
See you later!
That’s better.
See you later!
I can get used to that.
This time,
I’ll tell everybody,
See you later!

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