The Call for the Arts

The MCEC Call for the Arts program invites military-connected children from all over the world, representing every branch of service, to share interpretations through art of what it means to be a military-connected child.

Since 2002, thousands of military-connected children have shared their experiences, dreams, and challenges through art.

MCEC’s 2024 Call for the Arts was a resounding success, with entries from across the globe. Hundreds of military-connected kids inspired us with creative expressions of strength, bravery, pride, and community.

Thank you, amazing young artists and performers, for sharing your heartfelt stories and experiences. It is always amazing to see the world through your eyes — we celebrate all of you, and we plan to showcase many works in addition to the official winning entries in our annual calendar, upcoming art book and other materials.

MCEC’s next Call for the Arts will begin in early 2025. Never stop creating!

Congratulations to our 2024 First Place Winners!

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