Students Look at their Parents Leaving the Military

When parents make the transition from a military career to civilian life – whether that change is planned or sudden – there are often unique challenges for their children. This is particularly true if service-related injuries are involved.

With the support of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, MCEC has created three student-centered videos intended to be viewed by students (at the appropriate grade level), families, classrooms, student groups and support organizations.

Please watch the following videos to understand the unique transition challenges that military students face when their parents leave the military and identify ways to address those challenges. The questions below can be used for discussion and a deeper understanding of the issues and how students can help.

1. Why do you think the move from military life to civilian life can be challenging for students?
2. Are there good (positive) aspects for youth and their families when they transition from military life to civilian life?
3. How can you show empathy towards someone who is new in your school?
4. Name one positive thing about your community that you’re proud to share with a new student.
5. What can you and your peers do to help veteran-connected children and families as they move into your community?

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