2024 MCEC Global Training Summit Strong Foundation, Future Success

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July 29-31, 2024

Planning for success starts with a strong foundation. Foundational learning that is accessible, focused, and nurtured boosts military-connected students’ confidence early and provides them with a sense of clarity about their strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations to prepare them for a global future.

While building their foundations, students learn and develop valuable life skills that will help them build a road map to success after graduation. Join us at the 2024 MCEC Global Training Summit to explore sessions and content highlighting three Foundational Pillars to build that strong framework enabling every military-connected child to thrive and unlock their full potential on their journey to being college-, work-, and life-ready:

Life-Long Learning Pillar

Nurturing curiosity extending longitudinally outside the classroom begins both inside the classroom and at home. Clear pathways for future success are built by students who are motivated to gain new knowledge even after their formal education concludes.

Well-Being Pillar

There is a direct relationship between well-being and academic achievement. Building a foundation to enhance well-being requires a concerted approach involving teachers, parents, and all the caring adults and professionals in a student’s life.

Community-Building Pillar

Grades, college and vocational school acceptance letters, and post-graduation employment are traditional measures of student success. However, these quantitative measures, while useful, can also be limiting. The value of measuring success and fostering achievement on more holistic metrics- ones that measure the whole student- cannot be overstated. Making a difference beyond the classroom walls- in the community- is a key indicator of achievement and potential in all students, especially military-connected students.

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