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June 13, 2023

Episode 275

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Meet Asha, high school Spotlight winner in the 2023 MCEC Call for the Arts, as she talks about her journey as a military child, the inspiration behind her art, and how being a Space Force kid is really not much different from being an Air Force kid.

This podcast is made possible by generous funding from the Hurlburt Spouses’ Club. To learn more, visit https://hurlburtspousesclub.com/


To see Asha’s art, along with all of the 2023 Call for the Arts winners, visit: https://www.militarychild.org/programs/the-call-for-the-arts




Asha is 17 and will be a senior at Pine Creek High School (Colorado Springs) in the fall. Her dad was in the Air Force for 20 years before transferring to the Space Force two years ago. During this time, Asha has lived in California, Hawaii, Korea, Alabama, Colorado, Florida, and Virginia. She has lived in 11 different houses and attended 10 different schools. Her favorite part of being in a military family is getting to explore all of the areas and cultures around each of the new duty stations, especially the amusement parks and beaches.


She collects shells, plays guitar, loves video games, and enjoys working with children. Art is her favorite subject at school and has always been a part of who she is. She loves to draw, both with a pencil on paper, and with a drawing tablet to create digital art on the computer.

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