Uplifting Stories of Military Life with Lynda MacFarland and Maggie Phillips

January 10, 2019

Episode 32

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In this podcast military spouse Lynda MacFarland and her daughter Maggie Phillips share insight on open communication in their family and share some uplifting stories about the military life experience.


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To learn more about Drowning in Lemonade check out Lynda’s blog at:  https://drowning-in-lemonade.com/


School Liaison Officers (SLOs) are the primary point of contacts on military installation for school-related issues, and exist to assist families whose children’s education is affected by military life.



Student to Student Program

MCEC provides support to military-connected and civilian students through our student-led, peer-to-peer mentoring programs at the K-12 levels.

Elementary Student 2 Student™ (eS2S™), Junior Student 2 Student® (JS2S™), and Student 2 Student® (S2S™) serve the purpose to ease transitions, and create a positive environment for any new student. To hear more about this program visit our website and click on the audio link:



Tell Me a Story

The MCEC Tell Me A Story® program is an initiative created to empower our military connected children by using literature and their own stories.

Stories have the capacity to open family discussions on potentially difficult topics, such as family separation, deployment, moving, grief, and crisis. To find out more or to initiate a TMAS event in your community visit:



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